Saturday, February 26, 2005

Another dream stroll across the golden saddle between ridgelines

Robin's designing ways are obvious as she completes this weaving effort.

Manny and Chris continue their work on the cistern

Robin processed more yucca stalks for the finishing touches to the wikiup.

Yat Peng and Evan lined the foot path to the building site.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

BERT, BERT! He has dug up much wonderous clay on site through layers of rock, by hand, in addition to Manny, Chris and Connie! It's awe inspiring to see such devoted effort being dedicated to the happiness of all creatures.

Laura happy at the lama retreat cabin site, overlooking Deep Retreat Vally

Here's the cistern that will be shaped like another rocky outcrop on the hillside. Chiricahua National Monument personnel advised us to look around and "see how the old timers built". Bear Spring Ranch offers many examples of rock and mortar structures.

To make this wikiup has been like making a huge dried flower center piece.

The wikiup is practically invisible on the landscape. It's so cool looking!! And so useful.

We still have the top of the wikiup to finish weaving. However this must wait until after the cistern and collection pool are completed: the rain is upon us and ready to be harvested!

At the top of the ridge where we come upon our wikiup, an Apache style structure made of woven vegetation over a yucca stalk frame. This will serve as our project tool shed, kitchen and repose from the elements.

And Rose and Rusty trot onward.

Yes, more of the same.

We are having the blast of our lives. Horse and human and mule alike are in Heaven amidst the grand peaks and golden grasses.

Snoops carries 200# of cement, after he scratches his chin.

Now Rusty dons his new pack gear, carrying 150# of washed sand for a cement mortar and small stone, 1000 gallon cistern.

Kat and Snoops under blue Arizona winter skies.

Palden Lhamo rides a white mule.

Rose and Rusty head up the canyon to Deep Retreat Valley.

Geronimo passed on Feb 18, 1909, after he drank too much whiskey, fell off his horse into a puddle where he stayed all night and subsequently caught pnemonia. He asked his wife to tie up his horse at the hitching post where he'd need it three days after he passed. Everyone was too afraid to do it, and Geronimo was left without a horse. So now, 96 years later, we're getting that hitching post put up with Geronimo's mustang ready to go.