Friday, February 17, 2006

Back to the mud hut at Jamyang, Rose and Rex mix plaster as part of the new culture that caregives earthen buildings that will gracefully melt back into the earth, leaving not a trace when all the yogis have left.

Here's Robert, a member of the new culture emerging at Diamond Mountain, who serves low impact mud buildings with minimal tender loving care - the perfection of joyful effort made manifest

Chris and Robert

Manny and Bert

Rex mixing plaster in the mud pit

Rose and Chris.

Ian relaxes under the juniper tree outside the hut

End of winter term at DMU, and Chapman and Alistair check out of the Penthouse at Jamyang (the mud hut).


Yep, we're carrying our stuff up and down trails. Carrying and storage boxes with handles are gonna' be big at DM.